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I’ve got your sugar right here, Campbell

Scifi Wire recently published their tribute to Bruce Campbell, in honor of his birthday, a hilarious parody in the form of four labels for an imaginary line of Bruce Campbell soups:


For those of you who aren’t fans, it won’t be that funny. But for me… well, I must confess, I have a secret geek-girl crush on Bruce Campbell. Okay, I guess it’s not so secret now that I’ve just announced it to the world. But since I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve, I might as well count the ways…

What do I love about him? He’s Erroll Flynn with a sense of humor, a swash-buckling action hero whose tongue is always in his cheek. A guy who’s so comfortable with himself that he can utter a cornball line like “Gimme some sugar, baby,” and make it sound sexy.

How does he pull it off? I think it’s the gleam in his eye that says “I’m not taking myself entirely seriously, and you shouldn’t either.” That hint of self-mockery turns characters with the potential to be two-dimensional goofballs into self-aware people who are conscious of their flaws but can’t quite break free of them.

In other words, he takes comic roles and gives them enough internal conflict to make you empathize with them. And as the character laughs at himself, you can laugh along with him, without feeling guilty.

Bruce’s ability to add touches of self-deprecating humor to roles not only brings complexity to his characters, but it allows him to take a scene that would otherwise be completely over the top and give us permission, as viewers, to enjoy it without feeling self-conscious that we’re total goobers for cheering him through it. It’s weird, but that ironic awareness that it’s all in good fun makes it easier to suspend disbelief. Bruce knows it’s silly, we know it’s silly, but gosh, wouldn’t it be cool to pretend you’re taking on army of killer zombies with a chainsaw for a hand? Just for a minute?

You may, of course, bring along the boomstick of your choice…

Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Bruce!