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Faery’s Bargain Nominated in Preditors & Editors Poll

Last week, I learned that Blood Hero was nominated in the Paranormal Romance category of the Siren Book Reviews Best Books of 2010 contest.

To celebrate, I decided to give away copies of Blood Hero and Faery’s Bargain to five people who’ve “Liked” my Facebook author page.

This week, I’ve learned that my erotic urban fantasy, Faery’s Bargain, has been nominated in the Romance Short Story category of the Preditors & Editors Readers’ Poll!

More celebration is in order.  🙂

Rather than create a second contest, I’ve decided to add to the pot that’s already up for grabs:  in addition to giving Blood Hero and Faery’s Bargain to five fans of my Facebook author page, I’m going to also give a $25 Amazon gift certificate to a sixth fan.

You don’t have to vote for Blood Hero or Faery’s Bargain to enter — all you have to do is “Like” my Facebook author page before February 1st:

Hope to see you there!



Blood Hero Nominated in Siren’s Best Books of 2010

Siren Book Reviews’ “Best Books of 2010” contest is on, and Blood Hero is nominated in the Paranormal Romance category!

To celebrate, I’m giving away copies of Blood Hero and Faery’s Bargain to five fans on Facebook.

To enter, all you have to do is “Like” my Facebook author’s page by February 1st:

Siren is also holding a giveaway for voters, so don’t forget to vote!

Cover Image for Faery’s Bargain

Cover for Faery's BargainI’m so excited to share the cover for my upcoming Cobblestone release, Faery’s Bargain!  The lovely Fiona Jayde created this wonder.

Faery’s Bargain will release October 8th:

Kane has what Tara wants–how far will she go to get it?

Tara’s witchcraft has failed to save her naga-bitten nephew:  the only cure is a rare Faery herb, nearly impossible for a human to obtain.

Kane, a warrior of the Morrigan tribe, is bound to a baigh-duil.  He needs a witch to help him send the soul-devouring creature back to its own realm, and he’s willing to bargain.

It seems like a fair trade–the herb for help with a single spell.  What’s the catch?  As a follower of the Irish goddess of love and war, Kane can only work sex magic and death magic.